Hi, I'm Jonas

I am a Web Designer, Front End Website Developer and Digital Consultant based in Encinitas. (North County San Diego). I create Websites and Brand Collateral for businesses that want to command their niche.

I create websites which are accessible, browser agnostic and responsive. As a Designer and a Front-End Developer, I am very passionate about both. Front-End UI Design needs Front End Development. To me, being capable at both is not only practical, it's a necessity. Just as Graphic Designers need Production Artists. One completes the other.


Successful design focuses on the truths at the heart of the project. It builds upon a brand's successes while addressing the brand's challenges. Successful design changes people's perspectives. It makes stakeholders happy.

I aim to develop solutions which are unique to your design project. During the discovery phase of a project, I identify your pain points and the project's most fundamental elements. From there I carefully consider how those elements will influence a design solution. Great solutions require thoughtful implementation. My focus is solving the core of the problem without inheriting old or worn out design patterns.